Team | EMC Canada

Al Diggins

Al Diggins,
Chairman of the Board, Treasurer

Amanda Doman

Amanda Doman,
Vice President and General Manager

Amy Edwards

Amy Edwards,
Training Coordinator

Douglas Rourke

Douglas Rourke,
Manager Environmental Health Safety and Safety Groups


Carol Choquette,
Employer Engagement Specialist

Craig Mannell

Craig Mannell,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Bren de Leeuw

Kevin McCormick,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Brian Frook

Project Coordinator

Linda Carter

Survey Associate

Steve Holmgren

Steve Holmgren,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Jason Bates

Jason Bates,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Joan Richard

Joan Richard,
Operations Manager, Eastern Canada

Kelly Killby

Kelly Killby,
EMC Health, Safety & Environment Professional

David Munro

David Munro,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Kristy McKee

Kristy McKee,
Safety Group Administrator

Leah Nacua

Leah Nacua,
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Lisa Steudle

Lisa Steudle,
Project Coordinator

Menai Collins

Menai Collins,
IT Manager

Raf Khan

Raf Khan,
Director, Manufacturing Initiatives

Tiffany Robbins

Tiffany Robbins,
Marketing Manager

Ross Cooper

Ross Cooper,
Senior Advisor-Value Added Programs; Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Sara Struthers

Sara Struthers,

Scott McNeil-Smith

Scott McNeil-Smith,
Vice President, Manufacturing Sector Performance

Shawn Casemore

Susan Mclachlan,
Project Coordinator

Al Diggins

Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Stephanie Yakimishyn

Stephanie Yakimishyn,
Member Needs Help

Natalie Lafleche

Natalie LaFleche,
Project Coordinator

Wendy Gray

Wendy Gray,
Senior Project Coordinator

Wes Havens

Wes Havens,
Graphic Designer