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Concerned About Carbon

May 1, 2021 Chad Metcalf Industry News and Events

If you would like to take a proactive approach and engage the employees in your company, why not use Lean Thinking to tackle your opportunity to do the right thing! After all, if you have been living Lean and building a proactive, problem solving culture, it is the natural thing to do.

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Leadership in BC - Past, Present and Future

April 30, 2021 Bren de Leeuw BC Lower Mainland

This special Event was particularly interesting as we had a chance to look at past leadership successes and failures, examine what’s happening in the world today, and gain a glimpse of what the future might hold in store for those following in our footsteps.

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5 Tips for Ramping Up Awareness of Your EFAP

April 23, 2021 Elizabeth Eldridge The Learning Centre

One of the common challenges an organization faces if there’s some work to be done around psychological health and safety management is high absenteeism rates. When employees are struggling with their mental wellness, engagement, morale and more suffer, leading to increased sick time and disability claims.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Think Differently?

April 19, 2021 Joe Britto, Innate Leaders The Learning Centre

The answer to the question, why is it so difficult to think differently? has its roots in another question: why do so few people seek out thinking differently? That question is the focus of this blog.

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Manufacturing Recovery and Support Program - An Ongoing Support Resource

April 16, 2021 Joan Richard Industry News and Events

Response and engagement has been significant, and our hope is that we have met our goal of providing the right support at the right time. The best part of it is, a lasting resource has been developed and is available through our website.

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