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Stakeholder Engagement Webinars on Plastics Discussion Paper

October 27, 2020 EMC Team Food & Beverage

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) would like to engage with its partners and stakeholders on its discussion paper: a proposed integrated management approach to plastic products to prevent waste and pollution.

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Top 10 Considerations for a Successful Workplace Investigation

October 26, 2020 Kim Wolf Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo

Workplace investigations have big implications for those involved, and we owe it to them to get it right. Often the complexity of the issues can sneak up on an investigator and they don’t realize they need help until they find themselves in the middle of it.

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Team Challenges, Photo Opportunities, Fun at Work!

October 25, 2020 Bren de Leeuw Industry News and Events

We all need to take the time to appreciate the people we work with, the chances to find some humour in our busy lives, and perhaps along the way, learn a little bit more about who we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of things!

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Sustainable Manufacturing: Corporate Social Responsibility & the Circular Economy

October 24, 2020 Leah Nacua Brampton, Durham, GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan

There is increasing pressure on manufacturers to improve resource efficiencies as Ontario transitions to Producer Responsibility in the coming years. At a recent SIG event, we talked about Corporate Social Responsibility and the Circular Economy, and how both play a role in sustainability.

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So you are an EMC Member – Let’s Review

October 22, 2020 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

As a member of EMC, you are connected to a network of manufacturers and knowledge across Canada and many extensively use that resource to support business and the people and roles within them. Here at EMC we work daily to be that bridge, the connector, to the resources you require.

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