Collaboration and Innovation brings BBI Plastics from Aquaculture to Health Care Equipment

April 14, 2020 Joan RichardNew Brunswick & PEI 1341 Views

Following the call to action by The Honourable Navdeep Bains, P.C.,M.P for industry to help in the fight against COVID-19, companies from across the country have risen to the challenge. Here in the Maritimes many of those companies are working tirelessly to assist.

Following the call to action for Industry to help in the fight against Covid-19 by The Honourable  Navdeep Bains, P.C.,M.P in early March, companies from across the country have risen to the challenge. Among those companies we recognize many here in the Maritimes who are working tirelessly to assist.This particular story, of Bouctouche Bay Industries, Plastic Division, is a perfect example of team collaboration, innovation, hard work and commitment.  Soon they will be ramping production of the Dalhousie/BBI Face Shield to help protect our dedicated healthcare workers.

A couple of points stood out as I spoke with Steen Gunderson, BBI Group President / CEO:

1.  The genuine value that BBI Group holds for a collaborative approach and the recognition of the value of working with other manufacturers (Tower Machining- a division of Howell Ventures AKA Sure Grip Hand Controls  and educational establishments (Dalhousie University – Engineering Dept). These relationships have been fostered over many years and are now valuable resources to pivoting capabilities.

2.  The recognition of their team of employees who have committed countless hours towards the steps necessary to make this happen is paramount.  I will recognize them here; Martin Savoie VP Plastics, Steve Savoy Plastics Technical Manager, Nicole Daigle Plastics Production Supervisor, Ron Girouard VP of Finance & Administration and the employees on the fabrication lines.

BBI Plastics has retooled, at their own expense, and have been actively putting together the necessary pieces of the puzzle; securing and expediting raw and packaging materials, as well as fast tracking SOP's and assembly cells using the printed prototypes.

As a returning member of EMC, we congratulate you BBI Plastics on their activity. Engaging employees can be challenging at the best of times, but to engage them during a time of crisis is truly commendable. Having experienced employees who know and understand their role is so rewarding.

To all of our manufacturers, whether you are contributing to the COVID-19 procurement, making sure our food supply is stable, or supporting our economy through the manufacture of goods - keep up the good work!