Manufacturing Essentials Certification

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is looking for manufacturing employers and communities to implement Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) Programs – an initiative designed to help manufacturers increase their workforce productivity and become more competitive in a growing global marketplace.

EMC will provide training programs for two key occupations (i.e. supervisors and production workers).

MEC Production Worker Certificate

This program is designed to engage production workers in continuous improvement methods/projects to support increased results on productivity of their companies and better employee engagement.

MEC Supervisors/Managers Certificate

This program is designed for Supervisors and Managers to encourage the development of critical thinking, leadership and team management skills with increased results on productivity, better workplace and team functioning and employee engagement.

Manufacturing Essentials

Certificate is proposed to run in regional training cluster groups, providing up to 40 hours (4-5 hours/week over 8 weeks) of skills training, using industry validated learning programs, live workshops, facilitated online learning with on-going support and assistance with professional trainers and a workplace action-based learning project.

For additional information:
Wendy Gray, Project Coordinator

Sample Manufacturing Essentials Certificate Learning Plan:

Orientation for managers and participants & pre-assessments to assess skills levels of the participants: ~2 hours

Problem-Solving and Process Improvement techniques 101: ~8 hours

Workplace Performance Project (WPP): ~25 hours

Trainees work in teams to plan and execute a project using the problem-solving process introduced early in the program. The WPP is presenting 25 hours of applied learning using an industry validated Action Learning Methodology. The Workplace Performance Project (WPP) is looking at a manufacturing issue or creating a new opportunity identified by participating employers. In addition, embedded in the WPP implementation, are instructor facilitated essential skills modules on subjects like team management, conflict resolution, leading and motivating, coaching, presentation and digital skills, document use, basic maths, etc.

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