Grant Funding

Discover Funding Priorities for your Business

Small businesses in Canada have a wide range of opportunities with government-supported tax credits, grants and loans that are in place to incentive firms to increase export sales, create jobs, invest in R&D, and to invest in key government priorities. However, the identification and application to suitable programs requires significant internal resources and an extensive knowledge base of the financial incentives currently available.

Government funding services are available to provide support not only to apply for these programs, but to also assist with the audit and reconciliation process after funding has been secured. Companies may be eligible for a multitude of funding opportunities that they may not be aware of, so it is recommended that a service provider be contacted to ensure that you are optimizing your return from multiple government funding programs.

There is a wide range of Canadian government funding options available to small businesses across Canada, sourced by the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments. Funding can target specific industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, aviation/aerospace, or can be focused on project types, including funding grants and loans for:

  • Business Expansion
  • Capital Equipment
  • Research & Development
  • Human Resources & Training
  • International Trade Shows
  • Marketing & Website Overhauls
  • Software Implementation /Development

Strategic Planning via Canadian Government Funding

By investigating government funding and supporting the application process, funding experts can help you finance and extend your business operations into new, innovative markets. So under capitalization is no longer a barrier to developing and expanding your operations. Funding experts also have vast, practical knowledge into what makes strategies work and the ins and outs of effective decision-making - so you can improve your bottom line. An important goal of small business funding consulting is self-awareness. Through presentations, consulting and mentoring, you are invited to revisit old habits, and choose new, more powerful strategies that with practice will improve on the old.

Mentor Works

The Mentor Works team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Canadian government funding. Our team works directly with clients to discover solutions customized to their industry and current business challenges. We work with hundreds of Canadian small businesses to help them optimize their cash flow planning and leverage small business grants and incentives available to them.

NorthBridge Consultants

NorthBridge Consultants full-service (turn-key) solution includes not only identifying eligible opportunities, but also supporting the client through the reporting, reconciliation and government review process, which is typically just as much work as the application itself. We do not believe that the engagement is complete until after government review is complete and the funds are received; we leverage our post-claim SR&ED experiences dealing with the government into our grant practice.

Discover Funding Priorities for your Business

In order to identify and start utilizing Canadian government grants and loans for your company's strategic initiatives contact EMC's Amanda Doman for more information.