Manufacturing Future Skills and LMI


Industry Labour Market Intelligence

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New Brunswick

(Workplace Essential Skills)

As part of EMC's national, provincial and regional LMI efforts with industry, the annual EMC Plant Management Salary/Outlook Survey provides (first-person) data collected directly from senior manufacturing management leaders throughout Canada. This view also includes management's view of manufacturing needs, issues affecting their businesses and what's needed to build and sustain a competitive manufacturing workforce.  

An interesting note for this year's report...For the first time in 7 years, 'Skills Shortage' has overtaken 'Cost Control' as the number one issue affecting manufacturing for 2019, as viewed by industry management. Aldon with EMC's ManufacturingGPS Employer survey - which provides detailed primary strategic data from a corporate (third-person) perspective, EMC's efforts are producing the most comprehensive labour market intelligence available for Canadian manufacturers today.

The attached report is prepared by an independent editorial body, via Annex Media Inc., and published publicly through Canadian PLANT Magazine and online. EMC translates this report and posts/promotes both French and English versions through its ManufacturingGPS platform.