EMC-Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program

How can you meet and beat the workplace challenges you face every day? Participants in this professional certificate program will have access to world-class content and expertise, while connecting with peers to share best practices and expand their professional networks. This program will encourage the development of critical leadership and other management skills.

Using a blended approach of online technologies and training workshops, this program will encourage the development of critical thinking, leadership and management skills.

Spring 2022 Dates

April 4 - June 10

For additional inquiries, please contact Wendy Gray, Senior Project Coordinator  wgray@emccanada.org or call 1-866-323-4362.

Our Study Outline

Training Workshops & Community of Practice (~20 hours)

Training workshops, facilitated by industry professionals, will provide opportunities to discuss learning objectives and projects, as well as network with other program participants. Participants will also have access to Knowledge Networks to connect with solutions and ideas from their network. A final workshop will wrap up program activities.

On-line Learning (~15 hours)

On-line learning focusing on Leadership Skills with modules on Problem Solving, Process Improvement, Difficult Interactions, Feedback Essentials, Team Building, Coaching, Leadership and Presentation Preparation.

Action Learning with Workplace Performance Project (~25 hours)

Based on a challenge encountered in their workplace and using an industry applied learning methodology, participants will be asked to solve, implement and assess the financial implications on their solution, including workplace intangible benefits.

Program Details & Learning Resources

  • Mandatory Requirements: Participants and their direct managers must bring a main business activity to assess and improve for the Workplace Performance Project.
  • Who Should Participate: Companies should register those who need to develop critical supervisory skills and high potential candidates for future management roles.
  • Duration: 50-60 hours and ~5-6 hours per week. Programs are scheduled three times a year (Winter, Spring and Fall), and lasts for 10 weeks. Before you commit, please ensure that you are available to complete the program.
  • Cost: EMC Members: $1,995+HST per participant Non-EMC member: $2495.00+HST
  • Could be Canada-Ontario Job Grant eligible
  • For optimal impact / ROI we strongly recommend registering a minimum of 2 (discounts for more than 2 participants)

"The program has allowed me to realize that there are many ways to lead and motivate Associates. The tools that I have learned in this process will be used in the following weeks as we create individual goals. This I believe will help increase self confidence in the department and trust and give all associates a focus we need to work towards."

"As a supervisor, I must deal with both people and process problems each and every day. This project provided a great opportunity to improve my skills as most issues encountered were both people and process related. In addition, my confidence has increased significantly, enabling me to make bigger decisions on my own. At the beginning, I felt like I had to run everything by someone else. Now I feel that that I can take action more independently."


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