Scientific Research & Experimental Development

Leveraging SR&ED to Unlock Funding Potential

To grow your business and keep it viable and competitive, innovation is a must. The need to innovate can be motivated by many factors, including customers, market needs, and business necessities. By partnering with the experts and staying in close contact regarding your strategic initiatives you can be assured you will know what is available, the programs for which you will qualify and for which you should apply.

Take advantage of EMC’s free assessments for SR&ED, Grants or both. Get the information you need to make a smart business decision about Government Funding.

The Benefits:

  • Optimize returns from Multiple Government Programs
  • One source for all Government Funding
  • Offload work from internal resources and minimize duplication of efforts to free up valuable time
  • Ensure compliance while accessing funding across several programs
  • Coast to Coast support.

SR&ED Success!

  • $228+MILLION in new claims!
  • $50 MILLION in potential cash & tax credits for members.
  • OVER 150 + members now benefitting

Navigating the SR&ED process to a successful claim is complicated and requires expertise and resources. If you need help pursuing a SR&ED claim, Ross can introduce you to our experts, Northbridge Consulting Services.

Ross Cooper
Senior Advisor-Value-Added Programs
Toll-free: 1-866-323-4362
Cell: 705-528-7207


2019 Scientific Research & Experimental Development Checklist

"If you ever need me to speak to someone in regards to the benefits of both EMC and SR&ED I would be more than happy to.  I understand the resistance at times, especially since we get bombarded with calls from people offering "deals". It becomes hard to weed them out, which, is yet another benefit of EMC, you weed them out."

- Katrina Litchfield, Ace Rivet

"EMC has been instrumental in making it easy for Multivans to file SR&ED claims, and we have since been working with EMC's approved vendor, Northbridge Consulting for the last two fiscal years. They understand our business, maximize the size of our claims, and work with the Canada Revenue Agency to help us through audits and understanding the status of outstanding claims. They also minimize the amount of time that I need to spend making SR&ED claims.  I am extremely satisfied, and have renewed my contract with Northbridge for the next 3 years. Thank you EMC!"

- Steve Schafer, Multivans Inc.