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Competing globally. 

More and more Canadian manufacturers are looking at international markets as a way to grow their business. They want to work with a global leader and minimize their exposure in foreign markets. Recent financial challenges highlighted the inherent risks of doing business in an international market place. As Canadian manufacturers increase their supply chain and customer base globally, the need to manage currency exposure is becoming an integral part of day-to-day business.

We are always looking for new tools that will help our members succeed at home and around the world. EMC has teamed up with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS), a global leader in FX and a trusted international payments provider. We are pleased to launch this program offering solutions that address your unique business needs, including foreign exchange, global payment, and currency risk management. 

4 Steps to Protecting Profits
Currency risk management helps to minimize the effects of foreign exchange on cash flow by developing a strategy based on the unique needs of an individual business. If you can work across borders while avoiding currency related losses, you’re positioned to expand your reach and grow your business. (click here for the complete download) 

 Understand your exposures
             Create a strategy
             Choose the right tactic, and execute
             Evaluate and adapt your strategy

  Manage risk, don’t create it ...  
EMC members are eligible for a Currency Risk Assessment from Western Union Business Solutions!

         What is a Currency Risk Assessment?

A Comprehensive analysis of your current Foreign Exchange practices including:

  • Identifying exposure and risks to your business;
  • Formulating a currency risk management policy.

Western Union Business Solutions will create a tailored plan for your company to be approved by your senior management and your board of directors. This document will include:

  • Selecting FX hedging instruments;
  • Setting a hedging ratio; and
  • Choosing hedging techniques

Once the plan is implemented WUBS will schedule a follow up to re-assess and adjust as necessary. Benefits to EMC Members:

  • Improved efficiency and Processes;
  • Improved Profitability;
  • Education on inherent currency risk within your business.
Western Union Business Solutions is a global leader in foreign exchange (FX) and a trusted international payments provider with clients operating in markets around the world. Our dedicated team helps companies of all sizes operate across borders and currencies with confidence.  Our diverse service portfolio includes an extensive suite of foreign exchange, global payment, and currency risk management services designed to solve today's complex payment requirements.

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