EMC Protects

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in partnership with trusted advisor Apri Insurance Services Inc., has launched an enhanced solution for EMC members and their employees. EMC Protects is an industry-driven and innovative approach to Insurance and Benefits that provides better cost control and predictability to help you better manage your resources.

Group Life Benefits

Consisting of Life Insurance, Critical Illness, AD&D, LTD, Drugs, Healthcare, Dental, Pension & RRSP options for EMC members and their employees.

Group Home & Auto

Personalized group home and auto insurance solutions with a dedicated team to exclusively service your EMC members and their employees.

HRIS System

Our all-in-one HR solution is the foundation to automate, streamline, and empower your organization. Transform the HR function from being administrative to being strategic and performance driven. This system is built to assist in Core HR, Onboarding, Leave Management and Benefits.

About Apri Insurance Services Inc.

Apri is a leading provider of group benefits, insurance and group retirement and pension solutions. But the true value is found in the development of your comprehensive plan. It’s called CARE and it’s our signatured approach. Nobody can see into the future. But it has been said that planning is bringing the future into the present. In our review and advice, we see our offerings as you do – not just a collection of products and services, but a means to live your life as you have always planned.

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