Productivity Self-Diagnostic Tool

Do You Know How Your Company Ranks on Productivity?

Through EMC’s Food, Beverage and Bio Sector Initiative, manufacturers and processors can access a newly launched online Productivity Self-Diagnostic Tool, providing an opportunity to score your productive capabilities via an interactive survey. Working with sector productivity experts, EMC’s Self-Diagnostic tool provides Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag sector firms with a no-cost way to gauge productivity and access real-time reports, feedback and informal analysis.

EMC’s Productivity Self-Diagnostic Tool will help you better understand your current productive capabilities and how you score compared to other participating companies within the sector, with visual and written feedback that can help guide your productivity action plan, while accessing evergreen data and benchmarking key performance indicators with other participating companies within the sector.

Benchmark Productivity Indicators

  • 16 Sector-Based Key Performance Indicators
  • Evergreen Data
  • Benchmark Capabilities
  • Real-Time Reports And Feedback From Industry Subject- Matter-Experts

Productivity Self-Diagnostic Tool

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