Peninsula HR

EMC in partnership with trusted advisor Peninsula, has launched an enhanced Human Resources solution for EMC members and their employees. Peninsula enables small to medium sized businesses to benefit from the same expertise that larger organizations have in place, helping you to grow and succeed. With over 50,000 partnerships worldwide, Peninsula is the go-to resource for employment and HR support.

Administrative tasks bringing you down? 

To help you focus on what you do best, Peninsula provides a comprehensive employment support package to ensure your business is up-to-date and compliant with ongoing changes in employment legislation. 

For occasional over-the-phone advice to an on-site team support, we provide as much help as you possibly need within your business. Our service levels are responsive, meeting your needs as they vary over time.

We carry out an on-site review of your current workplace documentation & processes & identify specific gaps and solutions. We gain an understanding of your business and tailor your documentation needs, like employee contracts & employee handbooks.

Anytime, Anywhere. Our team of HR specialists & employment relations experts are available day or night to answer any questions & offer the advice you need to handle any employee problem that occurs

Part of Peninsula's services include an easy-to-use online HR management tool, BrightHR, an award winning absence management system providing a one-stop hub to store all employee records securely in the cloud.

With insurance, everything is taken care of by legal professionals appointed by the insurer who will guide you through any enforcement actions, as well as provide expert legal representation in the event of any litigation - at no extra cost.


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