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Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Jackie Heeremans

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and projecting that this could have a serious impact on the way business is done in Ontario, we looked at what we could possibly manufacture in order to help out. We came up with a simple design: Techniguard. It is made of 1/4” thick Polycarbonate, a clear, shatterproof, plastic material. It protects individuals where transactions are made between employees and customers and/or health care staff and patients. Our design does not need any tools to assemble and does not require any fasteners or cable that could leave long-term markings/holes on ceilings or countertops. Our standard size is 42” wide by 36” high, with a pass through window of 12” wide by 6” high; many other sizes are available as well as custom sizes.

Some of these applications were guarding for industrial machines, designed to keep line workers away from moving parts or keep employees away from clean food-processing environments.

Technicor has been a machine shop in the Orangeville area since 1987, with the sole focus of machining plastics for industrial applications.


Jackie Heeremans


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