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Seeking glass fused to steel tanks

Monday, January 11, 2021 Gregory Rust

Although international travel is still not yet what it was, my global colleagues continue to identify international opportunities for Canadian companies to consider. Mostly recently is one from Thailand.

In brief, colleagues at the Embassy in Bangkok have been working with a local company, KK Energy. The company is seeking glass fused to steel tanks fabricated in Canada to serve its clients in the context of various biogas plant projects around 3 MW, 6 MW and 10MW. These facilities would be built in 2021. The capacity should be around 10,000 m3 - 14,000 m3 per tank. In addition to becoming an importer of these tanks to Thailand, KK Energy could also explore becoming a regional distributor as, I understand, these types of tanks can be used to hold potable water in remote or less accessible areas.

Not sure if there is any interest within your respective networks for such an opportunity – or even if there is enough information here to make an initial judgement call – but I would be happy to reach back to colleagues with any questions or follow-up etc.

Gregory Rust

Global Affairs Canada


Gregory Rust