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Looking to Purchase Equipment

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 EMC’s Opportunity Alert

A company that is looking for assistance in sourcing equipment (preferably made in Canada), for chemical manufacturing. Components would include things like:

  • At least one Big and three medium size Chemical metal Tanks and small mixing tanks i.e. Merridian (
  • Plastic bottle molding (different shapes and different sizes)
  • Automated Liquid (detergent) filling machine lines (speed and accuracy is key)
  • Capping and sealing machine
  • Bottle Labeling


  • Packaging post production
  • Plastic bottle shred and recycling factory equipment

For all non-liquid production, there are vertical packing machines that are now produced by Bosch as a single unit line of an inlet feeding of premade solid and powder products, vertical packaging, sorting, packing in carton boxes and sealing with saran wrap.

If you have any other members that might be able to supply any of this, could you let me know as soon as possible.


EMC’s Opportunity Alert