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Bid and Post Business to Business (B2B) Opportunities… with EMC’s Manufacturing Opportunity Alerts

For nearly a decade, manufacturers have been using EMC’s Opportunity Alerts as a great way to grow their business finding qualified B2B sources from across Canada.  EMC's Opportunity Alerts provides manufacturers with a great way to:

  • Post opportunities to expand their supply chain and qualify local / Canadian suppliers
  • Bid on RFP’s to potentially win new business
  • Access local/regional resources and seek partner opportunities

The Opportunity Alert Forum is a service provided by EMC, for manufacturers to engage in business-to-business opportunities with EMC members, industry stakeholders and the manufacturing public.

Learn how to post and respond to OA's

“Six new opportunities for manufacturers were posted helping some expand their businesses and some form new relationships helping them expand their supply chain … one of these requests was responded to in just over a minute after the request went on the system!”

EMC Members Benefit!

  • All EMC members who are subscribed through our website receive advanced notice of all alerts posted in the forum… ahead of all others. 
  • EMC’s Opportunity Alerts Forum is a safe way for manufacturers and our trusted partners to post and respond to opportunities… and reach manufacturers directly. 

To receive advanced notice, or post your manufacturing opportunities, join EMC Opportunity Alerts forum by e-mailing us: OpportunityAlerts@emccanada.org

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