SR&ED Government Programs for Manufacturers - Post Event Follow Up

March 11, 2022 EMC Canada SR&ED

The Canadian government offers more funding opportunities for Scientific Research and Experimental Development efforts than it does for any other component of manufacturing. Accessing these opportunities can help manufacturers of any size innovate and expand!

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Measuring Your Level of Innovation AND Your SRED or Grant Funding Success

September 10, 2021 Ross Cooper SR&ED

Depending on the business you are in and what drives it, innovation will be focused in many different areas and have different levels of priority.

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Summer SR-ED Tax Credit and Government Grant Funding Opportunities

June 30, 2021 Ross Cooper SR&ED

My favourite story goes back to my GE Lamp days when light bulbs would rain down on the floor because the drum feeders would get sticky and the bulbs would jam up.

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The Role of the SR&ED Grant Champion

June 2, 2021 Ross Cooper SR&ED

What an excellent opportunity! “Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence.” ― Jack Welch, Winning

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SR&ED and the Winds of Change

December 20, 2018 Ross Cooper SR&ED

a year of rapid and significant change; “The Winds of Change” seem to have increased to an all out Gale Force. Political swings, Regulator changes, Global Disruptions, Tariffs, Sanctions, Huge Technology shifts (AI, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, IoT, Autonomous Vehicle).

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