Nova Scotia

Automation That Works -Tour

October 2, 2019 Sue Elliott Nova Scotia

This September over 50 manufacturing professionals gathered from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI to tour manufacturers who have been able to successful marry their understanding of process and process improvement to successful technology adoption.

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Problem Solving, Innovation & Design Thinking

September 30, 2019 Sue Elliott Nova Scotia

The Acadian Entrepreneurship Centre led 30 manufacturing professionals through full day workshops focusing on how to make manufacturing more desirable as a career path.

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Way to Grow Cherubini!

August 13, 2019 Sue Elliott Nova Scotia

Congratulations to Cherubini Group of Companies, a long standing EMC member, for securing funding through the Regional Economic Growth through Innovation - Steel and Aluminum Initiative announced earlier this year by ACOA.

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Working Together

June 24, 2019 Sue Elliott Nova Scotia

With 240 people facing job loss, here is a powerful example of how Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium brings members together to solve problems.

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Nova Scotia Safety Group - June

June 21, 2019 Sue Elliott Nova Scotia

From day one, your safety orientation process sets the tone for safety culture. Does your process reflect compliance (box checking) vs a true culture of safety (baked in)?

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