New Brunswick & PEI

Best Practice Sharing at its Finest – Utilizing KPI’s in Daily Management

February 28, 2020 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

The foundation of EMC, through networking events, is to share best practices and challenges; to make peer contacts that will allow the expansion of one’s professional network and this event accomplished those goals.

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New Brunswick & PEI: 2019 In Review

December 15, 2019 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

Throughout this past year we have had great events throughout NB and PEI, highlighted by a cross province event on Automation benchmarking and the ‘Future of Manufacturing’ national conference in Vaughn, Ontario.

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NB - Premier Event with Continuous / Productivity Improvement Focus

December 4, 2019 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

As we work away at Continuous Improvement initiatives in house, there is an untapped value through benchmarking and learning from other’s challenges, successes and methods. Recently, at the request of members, the first of quarterly event was held at AV Nackawic with a discussion around the value of benchmarking and ‘what are the barriers’ to successful CI advancement

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The Value of Intrinsic Engagement in the Workplace

November 20, 2019 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

We are very fortunate to have subject matter experts willing to offer their time to our groups. I threw the topic of engagement out, with my lengthy wish list of outcomes, to Jen Kikkert of Visualiiz, and she exceeded expectations.

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PEI: Increasing Quantity and Quality of Applicants / New Hires

October 8, 2019 Joan Richard New Brunswick & PEI

How does a company set themselves up to be a choice for applicants and what does integration and orientation look like?

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