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How Employees See Themselves and the Improvement Process

May 2, 2022 Doug Harper Industry News and Events

The key to any performance improvement is employee engagement. This is also the biggest challenge. I recall many conversations with peers and colleagues where the word empowerment seemed to get tossed around as though it was some kind of “permission” employees were given to do better. “Our employees are empowered to improve our processes.” What does that really mean?

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Empowering Employment through a Strong Workplace Culture

May 2, 2022 EMC Canada Industry News and Events

Today’s job-seekers want more than a pay cheque — they demand a workplace culture that provides long-term benefit to their careers. By understanding and meeting these requirements, manufacturers can make their organizations desirable, and stoke continuous engagement.

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What to Consider When Recruiting Newcomers

April 25, 2022 EMC Canada Industry News and Events

Are newcomers to Canada the solution for manufacturers facing labour challenges? This article describes a wide variety of strategies for effectively recruiting newly-Canadian workers, and discusses what to keep in mind when considering unfamiliar job applications.

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Identifying Opportunities in Your Supply Chain

April 21, 2022 EMC Canada Industry News and Events

Before manufacturers can begin implementing new operational practices or reaching out to prospective supply enterprises, they must have a firm understanding of their own organization’s supply challenges.

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Working for Workers - $2.8 million in funding to EMC

April 20, 2022 Chris Fell, ON Industry News and Events

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker has announced the Ontario government is working for workers by investing a total of $3,639,511 in two local projects through the Skills Development Fund.

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