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EMC Continues Support and Recovery Activity

January 13, 2021 Joan Richard Industry News and Events

Through this additional series of events, the goal is to support organizations in being the best that they can be under unprecedented circumstances; to set a different mindset towards solutions, to be innovative in exploring circumstantial opportunities while ensuring the well-being of an over extended staff, to fill vacant positions and yes, even grow!

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Responding to Increased Demand by Ontario Manufacturers

December 18, 2020 EMC Team Industry News and Events

Excellence Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) announces new Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) -Reskilling / Upskilling and Onboarding Initiative

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In Review: Atlantic Manufacturing Leadership Conference

November 29, 2020 Sue Elliott Industry News and Events

The event’s underlying focus, how to support the adoption of advanced technologies, was highlighted in Deloitte’s recent report, Swim, not just float. The report addresses the value of digital transformation and the ways Industry 4.0 can help make organizations more competitive.

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Manufacturing Recovery Support Program - Celebrating Contributors

November 11, 2020 Joan Richard Industry News and Events

We are grateful to our experts, panelists and participants for their willingness to share experiences, learning, successes, and challenges for the benefit of peer members. The entire webinar series is available as a resource on our website.

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New Funding For COVID-19 Business Recovery Loans

November 10, 2020 Mentor Works Industry News and Events

The RRRF has been crucial in stabilizing businesses following impacts of COVID-19. An additional $600 million will continue to offer federal relief solutions to address urgent needs.

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