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Outlook on Energy: Q3 Update

September 15, 2020 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

We are pleased to provide the latest Quarterly Energy Market Update, as well as key opportunities. As always, our team is on standby to assist – both in person and through our ‘Virtual Energy Advisor’.

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Summer Update on Ontario Energy Market

August 3, 2020 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

With summer weather fully upon us, this is one of the more critical times for Ontario manufacturers to be fully engaged in their energy strategies – in particular how to manage those aspects which directly affect your utility bills.

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Virtual Energy Advisor Sessions

July 31, 2020 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

Continuing our support for manufacturers’ pandemic recovery efforts, EMC’s Energy Team is scheduling one-on-one energy outreach sessions with our Virtual Energy Advisor service. There are some openings still available.

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COVID-19 Impacts on Ontario Energy Demand and Global Adjustment

July 8, 2020 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

While summer energy prices have been known to burn many manufacturers not protected by the EMC Energy team’s ‘sunscreen’ (custom energy procurement strategies), the lack of predictable consumption patterns are placing greater demands on timely and accurate intelligence necessary for effective forecasting.

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Energy Update – Deferral of Ontario Global Adjustment

May 4, 2020 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

In addition to EMC's Q2 Energy Market Update sent to our energy group members last week, here is a quick summary of an important energy market development that was announced by the Ontario provincial government Friday afternoon.

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