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Supercluster Projects

March 3, 2020 NGen Energy News

NGen is providing EMC members with advanced notice of funded project opportunities.

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EMC Energy Group 2019 Year-in-Review

December 18, 2019 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

With Jack Frost nipping at a bit more than our noses and the jolly elf about to make his rounds, we are taking a look at how energy has affected manufacturers this year and what's coming in 2020.

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Did high energy prices during the summer months leave you ‘burned?’

November 25, 2019 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

With almost 11 months of the year behind us, the year-to-date average Hourly Ontario Electricity Price (HOEP) is actually 25% lower than this time last year. Despite being low overall, there is still variation in HOEP as October’s average was around $6.50 /MWh but so far in November we are triple that cost!

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Feeling the Heat for Summer GA Strategies

July 7, 2019 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

Now in its 12th year, EMC’s energy initiatives, are helping hundreds of manufacturers and processors to mitigate energy price volatility and access savings, resources and best practices.

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Are You Ready for Your Winter Energy Bills? EMC Energy Group YIR

December 5, 2018 Scott McNeil-Smith Energy News

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