Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

Southwestern Ontario: 2019 In Review

December 15, 2019 Jason Bates Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

Looking forward, 2020 will surely include a very active Strategic Interest Group schedule, taking place all over SW Ontario. First quarter sessions are currently being planned and will be communicated to the Consortiums upon finalization.

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Predictive Maintenance “POD” Program

May 5, 2019 Jason Bates Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

Enviroshake outlined to the group how they have reduced unscheduled downtime by more than 30% by implementing a Predictive Maintenance “POD” program.

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Acquiring & Retaining Employees - SW Ontario SIG Event

April 2, 2019 Jason Bates Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

Attracting and retaining employees is a pressing issue manufacturers currently face. This was a very timely and welcomed topic. EMC Members from as far as Tillsonburg, London and Chatham made the trip to Centerline to hear about some of the great things they are doing internally to address their employee growth and development needs.

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ERP Systems: As Necessary As Digestion?

December 12, 2017 Cat Haggert Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

Since many manufacturers operate without an ERP system, the answer to this question is obviously, No, an ERP system is not as necessary as digestion. However, they do seem to be a common evolutionary path for many manufacturers, and recently a morning was well-spent exploring ERP implementation at a SIG in Windsor.

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Information at a Glance

October 17, 2017 Cat Haggert Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex

What do you have in your plant to instantly identify product flow, operations standards, schedules, or problems?

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