West GTA Member SIG

December 7, 2019 Leah NacuaBrampton, Durham, GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan 152 Views

In the morning of Wednesday, October 23rd, EMC’s West GTA members gathered for an information-sharing and networking SIG event at The Centre for Education & Training (TCET) in south Brampton.  We were joined by a team of presenters from TCET and Marianna Guenette from Quantum Recruiting.

Kumanan Thanikachalam and the TCET team had presentations outlining the services offered by TCET.  Among the topics covered were the COJG (Canada Ontario Job Grant) program and JMPI (Job Matching, Placement & Incentives) program.  With funding from the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, and Employment Ontario, TCET also offers Employer Support Services at no cost to employers.  In an ever-challenging environment of limited resources and difficulties in finding skilled talent that would be the right “fit” for the organizations, there is great value in knowing that we have Community Partners such as TCET that can provide support for our members as needed.  (More information on TCET’s services for employers are in this document.)      

Marianna Guenette from Quantum Recruiting offered value in her talk about recruiting trends.  She discussed the five worker generations (the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z), how to appeal to them during the hiring process, and how to keep them engaged once hired.  She talked about the importance of using technology and social media to reach potential employees, and how this could be critical for finding the right employees.  Lastly, Marianna shared some very useful tips for recruiting:

  1. Write a good job description. 
  2. Have a good careers site on your company webpage.
  3. Talk about your company culture in the job description.  Potential candidates are interested in knowing about the job tasks, but they also need to envision whether they would be the right “fit” for the organization.
  4. Make the application process easy.
  5. Be an interview guru.  Have prepared questions.  The interview process is a two-way street; an interview is a chance for the employer to screen and learn about the candidate, but the candidate is also evaluating the employer.  Don’t lose a top candidate because YOU (the employer) didn’t come prepared for the interview!  

After the presentations, we had a roundtable discussion about how our members deal with midnight and weekend employees, also known as “the forgotten shifts”.  There was a lively discussion about various ideas regarding employee engagement, social activities, communications and training for off-shift employees.  Based on the amount of interest in this topic, “the forgotten shifts” are -- to the contrary -- not forgotten after all!

Overall, this SIG event proved to be a great opportunity for discussing challenges regarding talent attraction and retention!  Our members may come from different industries and use different shift schedules, but the challenges are similar and everyone can benefit from learning fresh ideas from each other.