Virtual Energy Advisor Sessions

July 31, 2020 Scott McNeil-SmithEnergy News 218 Views

Continuing our support for manufacturers’ pandemic recovery efforts, EMC’s Energy Team is scheduling one-on-one energy outreach sessions with our Virtual Energy Advisor service. There are some openings still available. This is a great opportunity for you and your team to get up-to-speed on energy options and its impacts.  The program has been well received by our members.

Topics can include energy subject-matter-expertise, strategic procurement, mitigating global adjustment, curtailment, sustainability options and projects, or other available options that can impact your overall energy strategy.  Did we mention these are value-added services included with Energy Group participation?  There is no cost for manufacturers to take advantage of the team’s expertise.

This is just another example of how EMC’s not-for-profit approach is helping manufacturers recover, grow and become more competitive here in Canada.  By taking advantage of the features and benefits of the EMC Energy program, members have been able to free up time and gain confidence in being “hands free” of their energy costs, while not being entirely autonomous.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how EMC’s Energy Team is bringing peace of mind to manufacturers across Canada, please contact Scott McNeil-Smith.