Top 10 Considerations for a Successful Workplace Investigation

October 26, 2020 Kim WolfCambridge, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo 267 Views

In October 2020, the Brantford and Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph consortiums gathered in front of their computers for a superior Question and Answer webinar based on the “Top 10 Considerations for a Successful Workplace Investigation.”  The information was presented by Dean Benard, President and CEO of Benard and Associates, from Cambridge, Ontario.  Dean’s company works with businesses across Canada to support HR departments who do investigations, as well as conducts third party investigations when companies require that. 

You might be wondering what the Top 10 actually are.  They include:

  1. No delay
  2. Follow your policies and procedures
  3. Proper selection of investigator
  4. Stay within the scope and mandate
  5. Proper and comprehensive interviews
  6. Appropriate evidence gathered and preserved
  7. Investigation is carefully documented
  8. Maintain neutrality and procedural fairness
  9. Confidentiality is preserved
  10. Reports are clear and comprehensive

Dean reiterated the importance of this investigation process by commenting, ”Workplace investigations have big implications for those involved, and we owe it to them to get it right. Often the complexity of the issues can sneak up on an investigator and they don’t realize they need help until they find themselves in the middle of it.”

Dean also shared a YouTube video from a previous webinar that he did, that focuses on conducting virtual regulatory investigations, that supplements the presentation that we had for our EMC members.  You can access that here.

As we always strive for at EMC events, this SIG event shared relevant, timely, and high quality content that our members found so valuable that we are planning a Part 2, as requested by the attendees.  Look for that event in early December 2020.  Remember that all of our EMC events can be found on our website.

Kim Wolf