The Value of Intrinsic Engagement in the Workplace

November 20, 2019 Joan RichardNew Brunswick & PEI 53 Views

As always, members drive topics and activity. When asked if we could discuss intrinsic engagement and how to instill it in our cultures, my outside voice said yes but my inside voice said uh oh…how am I going to do that?!  With almost every discussion at our events, we somehow come back to the challenge of engagement.  So, the goal is to provide solutions and actionable items rather than simply re-stating it as a challenge.

We are very fortunate to have subject matter experts willing to offer their time to our groups.  I threw the topic of engagement out, with my lengthy wish list of outcomes, to Jen Kikkert of Visualiiz, and she exceeded expectations.

As a result of the discussion, the following points were addressed:

  • Overcoming engagement challenges…..of course!
  • Reducing turnover / succession
  • Shifting culture
  • How to influence intrinsically….not $
  • Generational issues; change in demographics
  • Tech is moving very fast; how do we keep staff up to date?
  • Proper recognition – KPI’s
  • How – in a union environment

Extrinsic motivators are those inspired by others; money, a pat on the back, applause for results all have their place.                                                                                                                                                      Intrinsic Motivators come from within the person; purpose, autonomy, person mastery.

employee engagement with EMC Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium in New Brunswick

Through Jen’s dynamic and straight forward discussion she elaborated in detail on:

  • Understanding Intrinsic Engagement
  • Why this matters more than ever
  • Exploring the vast components, and benefits, of achieving that culture
  • Where do you start?

Although there is no way I can do justice to the presentation through this write up, I will share the ‘where does it start’ portion:

It starts with the leader!

  • Leadership is a behavior (not a position) that inspires, supports and encourages others.
  • A leader has a responsibility to find the best in people and processes and has the courage to help improve them.
  • How much time each day doing this? 50%

This event provided an opportunity for learning and leadership development, but also benchmarking as those in the room engaged in discussion and sharing of their own best practices. The tools and processes involved in change are relatively straight forward, but the hard part is the people part of the solution.

If you would like to attend an event featuring Jen’s presentation, she will be offering her time to us once again on January 21st at Elanco in Charlottetown.  For a list of other events, please visit our website.

Thank you to our presenter and to the folks at Malley industries for welcoming the group and providing a plant tour.

Joan Richard