The Role of the SR&ED Grant Champion

June 2, 2021 Ross CooperSR&ED 121 Views

What an excellent opportunity!

“Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence.” ― Jack WelchWinning

The Provincial and Federal Governments provide financial support to manufacturing companies through tax credit programs and grants. Depending on a company’s growth plan, strategic initiatives, development of new products and processes and need for employee training, government funding maybe available. Although the best way of knowing what funding is available, how it fits a company’s needs and how to access it, is with the help of a consultant. This also provides an excellent opportunity for an internal, key individual.

As an employee are you looking for an opportunity to show what you can do, looking for way to stand out from the crowd, or show your leadership and managements skills?

Or, are you a business leader looking for an opportunity to identify your star employees, to support your succession planning or provide some good old fashioned job enrichment for an individual?

Regardless of the need or motivation, assigning or taking the role of the SR&ED Grant Champion is a great opportunity.

The really nice thing about being the Champion is that affords excellent cross functional or cross value chain exposure; a chance to see how different parts of the company work. All aspects of the business will potentially have the need for, and the opportunity to take advantage of SR&ED and/or grant funding.

And finally what a great opportunity to be able to contribute to the bottom line financial results of the company!

So, if you are up to the task or have someone you want to assign, as always, if we can be of any help, be sure to let us know.

Ross Cooper
Field Service Advisor