The four key elements of shop floor safety!

January 31, 2020 Shawn CasemoreBarrie, Collingwood, Midland, Owen Sound 330 Views

Our host this month, Tenneco allowed members a chance to tour the site and learn about all of the significant changes and advancements that have happened over the years at the site.

We also had the good fortune of Jeff Kain (Plant Manager) and Janice Campbell (Human Resources) joining us for an update on the transition at Tenneco.

In addition to this and several other updates on upcoming events and resources, we had the opportunity to hear from Jim Farmer, who once again had a packed house and presented on the Four Key Elements of Shop Floor Safety.

Jim shared several strategies in each of four areas, all crucial to ensuring the ongoing safety of our plants, and our people.

Machine Guarding, and how to ensure you have the right guarding on the right equipment.

Productive Lockout, a distinction Jim made in ensuring lockouts is designed into any system, to avoid excessive and unnecessary downtime.

Electrical Safety, and the importance of ensuring proper distances are kept from high-powered transformers and equipment.

Lastly, Jim spoke about his experience in Pre-Start Health and Safety and the importance of getting the right party involved early in the process (to avoid excessive costs and changes later).

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