Simplifying Metrics and Engaging Employees

January 17, 2019 Steve HolmgrenEastern Ontario 446 Views

Ottawa and The Valley Strategic Interest Group

Simplifying Metrics and Engaging Employees

It was a full house at our Ottawa SIG this past week, with manufacturing business leaders joining us from across the region. Our host Rose Integration provided not only a room for the event but provided all attendees a tour, sharing several improvements that Rose has been working on.

Paul Hogendoorn from Free Point Technologies who shared ideas around simplifying production measures and engaging employees in the process also joined us. Specifically Paul shared examples of manufacturers who are deploying various technologies that all share common elements such as:

* Meaningful data (not overwhelming or unnecessary)

* Visual (keep production information front and center)

* Simple to understand (avoiding over complicated colors and charts)

Members discussed these ideas, sharing examples of where they have introduced similar strategies, and what ideas they would be able to implement upon returning to their plant.

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