Roundtable SIG events

October 19, 2020 Kim WolfCambridge, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo 305 Views

EMC members often share that one of their favourite types of events are the ones when we just talk; an open, roundtable discussion with peers.  For these types of events, there is no speaker, no training, no formality.  Sometimes a focus topic is chosen as a conversation starter, but rarely is that kickstart needed.

Throughout October, the Kitchener/Waterloo Consortuim was host to dozens of members who joined together to talk about whatever was on their mind.  A few events of these events were held with HR leaders and a few others with Senior Managers.  The number of attendees ranged from a handful to over two dozen for each event.  Keeping the events small allowed an opportunity for everyone to freely share their ideas, questions, and best practices. 

Some of the topics that were covered at these events included:

  • Recommendations for private labs who could speed up COVID testing and receiving results
  • Best practices on face covering requirements in the office and on the production floor
  • Best practices to meet COVID daily screening requirements
  • Protocols for keeping employees off of work while awaiting COVID test results
  • Best practices for covering roles and tasks during employee absences while awaiting COVID test results
  • Protocols for new hire COVID testing
  • Possible discipline for employees who refuse to follow mask policies
  • How to keep up morale during such challenging times
  • Best practice of limiting washroom capacity at the workplace
  • Recommendations for anti-fog product for use with glasses and masks
  • Best practice for setting up a COVID committee
  • Companies needing supply chain and procurement skill set that doesn’t seem available
  • Best practice for Long Term Incentive Plans

Would insight from your peers on any of these topics, or others not mentioned, be valuable to you and your team?  Remember, this is what EMC is really all about.  Our members share best practices, successes and challenges so that all of our businesses and teams can be the very best that they can be.  Next time, join us!  Events like this are happening on a regular basis. Keep an eye on our EMC events page for a list of what's to come.