Predictive Maintenance “POD” Program

May 5, 2019 Jason BatesChatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex 390 Views

On April 16, over thirty EMC Member companies gathered at Enviroshake in Chatham to share best practices and benchmark around their maintenance activities.

Enviroshake outlined to the group how they have reduced unscheduled downtime by more than 30% by implementing a Predictive Maintenance “POD” program.

Each key production step is broken down into PODS…

Enviroshake broke down their plant into manageable and cohesive PODS. They undertook a thorough analysis of each asset and parts involved. They set a deadline for each POD completion, taking care not to overwhelm key stakeholders on each initiative. Now, each process will be managed and monitored through regular follow ups and reviews.

 For each POD:

  1. A PM POD Binder will be kept in the Maintenance Manager's office.
  2. Each PM schedule will be managed as indicated on the schedule and signed off on during monthly health & safety inspections.
  3. Any POD failures will be brought to the weekly plant meetings with route cause and corrective actions.

After Enviroshake reviewed their POD Program a very good discussion took place around different maintenance activities other EMC Members are implementing. Also, the group had a number of questions about the POD Program and suggestions on how to improve it.

Members identified getting away from paper-based reporting and managing of maintenance programs and a discussion began around ways to “digitize” this area.

Attendee’s participated in an in-depth plant tour and participated in a group continuous improvement exercise. Folks identified three things they saw that they liked and three things they saw on the tour that Enviroshake could improve on. These observations were presented to the Enviroshake team after the tour.

The next Southwestern Ontario Strategic Interest Group Event will be taking place on May 29, in London. The focus of the session will be on Human Resources. We will identify the three biggest HR issues Manufacturers are facing today and share some best practices around these issues.

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