Pandemic Fatigue – Supporting Your Team

April 8, 2021 Sue ElliottNova Scotia 219 Views

How is our current operation environment impacting your staff’s performance?

How aware are you of the lived experience of your workforce?

Are you having to change how you interact with your staff?

These are some of the questions we recently explored during our kickoff to EMC’s Nova Scotia Leadership in 2021 series of RAMP events. With the support of ACOA we were able to bring Kim MacDonald and her team from 13Factors to share their insights and expertise on how to support your teams with pandemic fatigue and ongoing uncertainty. Our RAMP events are focused on Advanced Manufacturing and Productivity issues. How does pandemic fatigue relate to these issues you may ask? It comes down to the fundamentals of presenteeism. Staff need to be present both physically and mentally to achieve best in class results. Leaders who ensure they are bringing their "A" game to reduce risk, stress and harm in the workplace will ultimately create and support a resilient work culture better prepared for the ongoing uncertainties of our world.

Kim and her team shared the components of a three-tiered workplace strategy that speaks directly to reducing risk, stress and harm. Participants left with a better understanding of what risk factors rate highest for creating stress in the workplace and the roles and responsibilities of mangers and senior leadership to mitigate these stressors.

To learn more about this event, including a copy of the presentation, or to learn more about EMC in general, please contact Susan Elliott.