Owner CEO Group Optimistic Moving into Fall

June 23, 2021 Joan RichardNew Brunswick & PEI 122 Views

The New Brunswick PEI Owner-CEO Networking Group has managed to meet in person, quarterly over the past year, to navigate Public Health requirements. No doubt the challenges surrounding the pandemic remain, but the most recent meeting was a bit different - there is finally a light of optimism toward a "normal" Fall.

The discussion topics have evolved throughout the various phases of the Pandemic; from attendance to testing, vaccines to government programs, supply chain to order fulfillment. The basis of it is, this has been a challenging time for company owners and CEO’s.  Our CEO group presents an opportunity for open and confidential discussion on whatever is going on in business and can even spark new business relationships!

Although this event was not topic driven, an interesting series of questions were put forward prior to the event.

  1. How is reopening going to change what we have been doing under restrictions, aside from the obvious, and do you see any challenges?
  2. Will our sales people be travelling or are companies keeping practices necessary through the Pandemic (virtual)? 
  3. Can we get people back in the office (some don’t want to come back)?
  4. Some of our salespeople don’t want the vaccine…. can we insist? 
  5. Will opening alleviate supply issues?
  6. In general, what are some of the considerations as we go through another change, albeit to more normal practices?

What great questions! Many discussions outside of this event have been around what the new normal will look like. One of the most thoughtful statements was the ‘people’ adjustment to yet another habit change. Although necessary, has Zoom made us a bit lazy?  Does the use of Zoom really foster relationships whether they be sales or otherwise? No doubt leaders will be leading the charge, from COVID-19 habits, to bring in a mix of habits that are in the best interest of the company but may uncomfortable for some.

Regardless of the challenges, this CEO group is ready to do some of the things that they did prior to lockdowns; attend shows, get the salespeople out in the field, welcome employees back to the office, start training in person and so on.…safely of course!

What a cautiously optimistic and positive outlook!

For more information about this event, or future events, please contact me - Joan Richard.