Owen Sound and Area Senior Leaders Take a Journey in Automation

June 1, 2018 Shawn CasemoreBarrie, Collingwood, Midland, Owen Sound

In Duane’s presentation he walked our members through the key steps that he and his team took in order to identify the most opportune operation to introduce robotics into, as well as sharing and explaining various resources and tools they identified throughout the process, making it easily repeatable as they expand robotics into further areas.

Some of the key areas Duane discussed with our members included:

  • Developing an automation strategy; where his team began and their key objectives.
  • Identifying strategic robotic partners who would support Hobart long-term needs.
  • Reviewing and negotiating pricing and options.
  • Planning and preparing for installation; timelines, challenges and opportunities.
  • Introducing automation to employees, specifically those directly impacted by the robotics.
  • Testing and validation stages and timelines; a realistic perspective on what to expect.
  • Lessons learned – both risks and rewards.

As more and more of our members across Canada seek automated solutions, Duane’s presentation and the work that he and his team have embarked upon to continue to ensure that the Hobart plant in Canada remains a competitive global leader, was both enlightening and packed with valuable tips, tricks and pitfalls to assist our members in their own journey.

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