Overcome Resistance, Build Buy-in, and Get Real Results

November 12, 2020 Kim WolfCambridge, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo 302 Views

Recently, our EMC members and guests joined together to listen to a fascinating presentation by Laura Lee-Blake, VP HR from Campbell Company of Canada, Change Management - Overcome Resistance, Build Buy-in, and Get Real Results.”  She shared her experiences from the Campbell team as they went through a major change in their organization, closing their last manufacturing facility in Canada.  She shared the process that the team used to successfully navigate through the challenges that they had identified, called ADKAR, which stands for:

  • Awareness – change begins with understanding why
  • Desire – change involves personal decisions
  • Knowledge – change requires knowing how
  • Ability – change requires action in the right direction
  • Reinforcement – change must be reinforced to be sustained.

She talked about how the managerial team needed to motivate the manufacturing team for 16 months from the time of the closure announcement to the time of closing the doors.  The Etobicoke team had committed to achieving all of the financial, marketplace, operational, and strategic targets.  By clearly communicating with the team regularly, engaging with them about the progress, empowering the employees, and celebrating their successes they were able to exceed every one of their targets!

Now, many of our members are not, fortunately, having to shut down facilities.  So, does the information that Laura presented still apply to them?  Absolutely!  The lessons that she shared can be used for any types of change – increasing volume, adding a new product line, expanding building square footage, etc.  Many of the members in our consortium, and beyond, know that I often speak about the value of true employee engagement – it isn’t just the right thing to do, but it actually works!  You can be guaranteed bottom line results when managers communicate and involve the team effectively and consistently.  We will continue to hold events where we can share best practices around how to best manage any kind of change.  Keep your eye on our events page!   

Kim Wolf, FSA