Open Source Forum for Canadian Manufacturers in response to COVID-19

March 25, 2020 EMC TeamIndustry News and Events 409 Views

In response to the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, JP Giroux, President of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) stated, “EMC is opening and expanding a Canada-wide initiative that will compile the knowledge and experiences of all our members relating to COVID-19.  We want to offer support to the entire Canadian manufacturing sector. During these unprecedented times, it is imperative that we come together and support the expanse of our manufacturing network.”   Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium recognizes the importance of maintaining high level resources, services and support for Canadian manufacturers.  

Due to the urgency of the pandemic, EMC has opened the Member Needs Help forum to not only its members, but also to non-members, and to all manufacturing stakeholders, nationwide.  “EMC’s dedicated web-based forum, run through the Member Needs Help platform, is now available.  This forum contains all COVID-19 related information and support.  EMC will continue to actively receive questions from manufacturers through the Member Needs Help forum, track issues, and provide prompt responses,” continued Giroux.

EMC’s Member Needs Help is an email service delivered to member inboxes.  This service has been developed by manufacturers, and is for manufacturers.  It provides an opportunity for members to learn from the insights and experiences of other members and to share information on subjects such as policies, procedures and information to enhance performance in workplaces. Topics run the gamut from Health & Safety to HR practices, advanced technologies, and everything in between.

EMC has a vast amount of information in the Member Needs Help Area to assist members with preparation for the upcoming weeks. If you are a Canadian manufacturer or manufacturing stakeholder, and want to learn and understand how other manufacturers are reacting to the ‘global pandemic’, please sign up for our COVID-19 mailing list by visiting