Members Take on Shop Floor Improvements Ideas at Virtual Sessions

March 4, 2021 Jason BatesIndustry News and Events 297 Views

SW Ontario EMC Members have been very actively participating in a series of high-impact virtual sessions revolving around continuous shop floor improvement, harnessing new technologies and thinking about different ways to improve efficacies.

The Consortiums virtual sessions schedule still touches on some of the other very pressing and and many questions presented to the sector because of COVID but making sure we still talk about and share best practices around production and shop floor improvement issues is very important.  

We have taken to presenting and talking about production continuous improvement and adopting new technologies and ideas to achieve this in 45 mins sessions, kind of like TED Talks…We bring EMC Members in that are experts in these areas and have some great best practices to share. The feedback so far from this set up has been incredibly positive!

We started with a session on February 10th around Optimizing Asset Utilization Using Data to Drive Performance. SW Ont EMC Consortium Member JMP Engineering shared some best practices - experiences - insights they have encountered around achieving your KPI’s through Data Driven Continuous Performance.

We discussed how using modern technologies can provide insight into your production process allowing you to reduce operating costs while increasing asset utilization, asset performance and operating efficiency, yielding improved profitability. Extracting information from production equipment can give insight into your production process and providing operators with actionable information.

Our next session in this series will be on March 9th at 9am where we will be looking at Innovative Conveyance – Truck Loading and Unloading Strategies. We will explore other ways to think about shipping your product. Every manufacturer needs to ship product, this session we will open your mind to different Truck Loading & Uploading Strategies through Innovative Conveyance.   

  • One of the largest expenses faced by manufacturers is the transport of their products from their facilities to the marketplace.
  • Shipping of products in a skidded format requires labour, skids (and their return or disposal) and in most cases the extra expense of wrapping or strapping operations prior to loading to transport.
  • Skid shipments by their very nature do not take advantage of all the space available in transport trailers or sea containers. 
  • Typical space utilization using skids is 60% or less depending on type of goods.
  • To capture back the loses of space of skid shipments, there has been a growing movement towards loose load shipping.
  • In loose load shipping, products in cartons/packages/containers are stacked floor to ceiling and end to end to utilize as much of the trailer/container space as is possible.
  • Utilization of 98% of shipping space can typically be seen.
  • Description of truck loading equipment and use.
  • Additionally, the proper use of truck loading equipment on the reduction of workplace injuries occurring during the shipping process.

Then on April 1st at 9am we will jump into a discussion around Digital Transformation created by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how it will impact manufacturers in an unprecedented way. At its core, IIoT is a disruption and an evolution of how Industrial players can leverage technology and mindset. In this session we will cover:

  • Industry 4.0 & IIoT Overview: covering the history, the definitions, the major components & enablers of Industry 4.0.
  • Digital Transformation Journey: Industry 4.0 is not a onetime event but rather an iterative approach. We will discuss the journey landmarks, travelers & challenges.
  • Case Studies: how does Industry 4.0 looks like in action. We will reflect on multiple projects we implemented and the key learnings.
  • Summary & Questions.

This session will be led by topic experts from SNC Lavalin’s Digital Transformation Initiatives Strategy & Innovation team for the Industrial Division.

If you are anyone else from your facility is interested in participating in any of these virtual sessions, please just RSVP back to me at;

Not yet an EMC Members? Feel free to participate so you can experience the kind of learn and best practice sharing that happens at these sessions!


Jason Bates

EMC SW Ontario