Mechanics of Dismissal

November 22, 2020 Sue ElliottNova Scotia 302 Views

How do you announce an employee termination?

When should a terminated employee be given their final paycheque?

What is the best time to terminate an employee?

Making the decision to terminate someone’s employment is never easy.

Recently, members of our Nova Scotia Consortium enjoyed an excellent discussion with Joanne Brown, Senior Associate from Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette.  Joanne specializes in strategic human resource planning. She works with clients to design, develop and implement human resource systems to achieve their organizational goals.  During our call, Joanne shared her insights and provided an overview of what to consider before, during and after a termination. Although the mechanics of dismissal are uncomfortable, on both sides of the table, she reminded us that there is more to consider than simply what to include in the termination letter, such as:

  • Preparing for the Conversation – Take some time to script what you are going to communicate and stick to it
  • Maintaining Clear and Consistent Communication – Make sure anyone involved uses the same language and communicates the same message
  • Being Mindful of the Timing – Ensure that when you terminate the individual has the ability to access supports. Friday’s are not a good day for this reason.
  • Keep Everyone’s Feelings in Mind – Be prepared for their feelings as well as yours. Don’t book a full day of meetings after a termination. Give yourself some time to breath.

The group discussed their challenges and Joanne provided guidance regarding time, place, security measures, after termination supports and communication plans for remaining staff. This was a great opportunity for new managers to make a checklist from Joanne’s presentation of things to consider and HR veterans to be sure they are covering all the bases, including things like:

  • Notifying payroll administrator
  • Collecting company property like ID badges, keys, computers, etc.
  • Discussing any non compete clauses or agreements
  • Removing network and/or building access
  • Notifying any clients or customers the staff was working with
  • Communicating to internal staff

Member feedback from the event praised Joanne’s thoroughness and appreciated the opportunity to finetune their termination process. Those attending left the event with more confidence that their termination process ensures the safety and security of their organizations while ensuring the those being terminated feel respected and retain their dignity.

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