Manufacturing Recovery and Support Program - An Ongoing Support Resource

April 16, 2021 Joan RichardIndustry News and Events 479 Views

Over the past months, we have been pleased to work with the support of NRC – IRAP and ACOA to provide activity supporting manufacturers in their pandemic recovery. Response and engagement has been significant, and our hope is that we have met our goal of providing the right support at the right time. The best part of it is, a lasting resource has been developed and is available through our website.

The scope of this activity was far reaching and varied in delivery methods from virtual webinars, workshop webinars to one on one engagements between companies and subject matter expertise. Thanks to your input we were able to determine relevant areas of challenge and work with various subject matter experts to develop and deliver value added activity.

So, what did that look like over all:

  • 8 webinar presentations (4 french, 4 english)
  • 12 workshop events (3 series)
  •  Hundreds of participants from across Canada
  • 50 - ‘one on one’ in house engagements with specific Subject matter expertise
  • Valued partnerships with 20+ regional Subject Matter Experts
  • Three encore Workshops scheduled for May, 2021 as a result of further input watch for details!! Click Here to Register

The beauty of this support is that there was no predetermined assumption of the challenge or the solution, and it was quick and easy to access. The areas of need widely varied and we must recognize those subject matter experts who were able and willing to step in and assist.

Some of the areas of include:

  • Organizational Mental Health Support
  • Foreign recruitment and recruitment in general
  • Working from home ergonomics to prevent injuries.
  • Measuring and managing through difficult time and appropriate KPI’s
  • HR support
  • Executive Coaching for leadership and leadership teams
  • Virtual Marketing
  • ….among other topics!

As we continue through the challenges of the pandemic, and because of the value that the Workshop series provided for many companies, the recorded sessions are available on our website as an ongoing resource. Workshops available as follows:

A Shift in Mindset - Manufacturing Lessons from the 1918 Pandemic

Presenter: Joe Britto, Innate Leaders

Post Pandemic Accelerator - 3 Part Series

Presenter: Darrin Mitchell, Mitchell Industries

Session 1: Selling to your Supply Chain

Session 2: The future of your business hinges on your ability to digitally connect.

Session 3: Profitable Growth Out of a Pandemic

Being Pro-Active on Mental Health - 3 Part Series

Presenter: Elizabeth Eldridge, Elizabeth Eldridge Consulting

Session 1: Brilliance and Resilience: Psychologically Healthy Leadership

Session 2: From Light Breeze to Strong Wind: Engaging an Exhausted Workforce

Session 3: Organizational Resilience: Beyond the Buzz Word

Global Skills Connection - 5 Part Series

Presenter: Denis Desjardins, Talent Solutions Canada

Session 1: Getting Started with Immigration

Session 2: Building the Foundation

Session 3: Pathways to Canada

Session 4: Nuts and Bolts of Immigration

Session 5: Recruitment, Onboarding and Retention


To access the recorded Workshop sessions please visit and stay tuned for three upcoming encore events addressing Growth out of a Pandemic as well as an additional two part series by Elizabeth Eldridge addressing challenges around mental health, Diversity and Inclusion. Initial Fall 2020 webinars are also available through this link in both French and English

Thank you to participants, those who provided valuable input, subject matter experts and to ACOA and NRC-IRAP for supporting such a valuable resource at a critical time!