London/Oxford Consortium Fall Events & Activities

July 24, 2018 Jason BatesLondon, MWO, Oxford 400 Views

EMC Members in the London/Oxford/Elgin Region participated in some great events during the first half of 2018.

Members visited Trudell Medical, The Original Cakerie, McCormick Canada,  J/E Bearings and 3M Canada. Discussions covered new the employment and labour laws introduced at the beginning of 2018, how to manage qualitity systems, using and embracing technology to facilitate growth and generating you own power to run your facility.  Local Manufacturers also got a chance to visit the National Research Council Facility in London to see first hand how they are building a "factory of the future" which will be highly automated and includes some really cutting edge stuff around autonomous vehicles. All sessions saw members sharing all sorts of best practices and benchmarking as well as participating in some incredible plant tours! 

The second half of 2018 will also provide some great opportunities for local manufacturers to get out and benchmark and best practice share with there peers in the sector. We will be visiting Starlim NA, & Canada TubeForm as well as learning about some Labour Management Tools. Members will be opening their doors to local high school students in late October to host plant tours. This event allows us to showcase manufacturing as a great career option to over 600 local high school students. As well local Manufacturers will be able to attend the annual Manufacturing Matters Event, which celebrates the local manufacturing sector and its contribution to the local economy on Oct 4th. We had over 600 manufacturing professionals attend this event last year! 

Issues that were top of mind for local manufacturers during the first half of 2018 were first and foremost finding the employees they need to operate. Huge issue and with the sector very busy right now this issue will not be going away. Also another issue that really started to come in May and June were the US Tariffs...We will see how this plays out. 

Keep an eye out for event invites and updates. We have a great fall planned! Enjoy your summer.

Jason Bates

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