Lean Management and Performance Based Compensation

November 16, 2019 Shawn CasemoreBarrie, Collingwood, Midland, Owen Sound 100 Views

For our October event we had a great turnout at Hammond Power Solutions in Walkerton. Josh, the Lean Coordinator for Hammond first shared the lean programs that Hammond has in place. These consist of a large project/initiative based approach, as well as more of a “quick wins” approach that focuses on making daily incremental improvements that are suggested by employees.

To ascertain which program is best to introduce the improvement, a committee reviews each recommendation and determines whether it requires a large project/kaizen approach, or whether it can be addressed faster by the employee.

Each program works in conjunction with the other, and ensures that ongoing improvements identified by employees are acted upon; while larger initiatives that engage larger groups of employees in their completion also remained a focal point.

In addition to reviewing these lean programs we were joined by Julie from Human Resources. Julie walked members through the current performance based compensation program in place at Hammond, sharing several key components to the program.

Following Julie’s presentation, members shared feedback and ideas that would further support development of the program.

Those in attendance also took part in a plant tour between sessions, enabling them to see the programs and initiatives in action on the floor.

For those interested in furthering their lean program, and improving employee compensation plans, this was a must attend event.

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