Welcome Leah Nacua, EMC Field Service Advisor!

October 16, 2019 EMC TeamBrampton, Durham, GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan 200 Views

On behalf of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium [EMC], we are delighted to announce to our members and community partners as of October 17th 2019, Leah Nacua will be joining us to take over the responsibilities of Field Service Advisor for GTA consortiums. With her background in manufacturing, she will continue to help industry grow.

Your new FSA’s contact information is:

Leah Nacua, EMC Field Service Advisor

Phone: 416-993-8719



Leah has more than 18 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, spanning a wide breadth of industries including automotive, telecommunications, solar, medical devices, plastics, and food packaging. She has worked in a variety of areas such as engineering, quality, and continuous improvement.

Leah is a long-time EMC supporter and has broad knowledge of manufacturing and EMC. Thriving on helping connect people to drive problem solving and remove roadblocks to success, Leah will be helping our members to continue to grow and become more competitive.

In the coming months Leah will be in touch with our members and community partners to ensure continuous support to all of the consortium regions in the GTA.


JP Giroux,
President, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC),