Leadership in BC - Past, Present and Future

April 30, 2021 Bren de LeeuwBC Lower Mainland 105 Views

A topic that always intrigues me personally is anything related to Leadership!  As the world evolves, so to does the means in which we work with people to achieve our necessary goals and objectives.

This special Event was particularly interesting as we had a chance to look at past leadership successes and failures, examine what’s happening in the world today, and gain a glimpse of what the future might hold in store for those following in our footsteps.

Joining us to share his perspectives on the topic at hand was Brad McKay, former CEO of Healthcare Food Services.  Brad has a wealth of industry experience and is a wonderful speaker who challenges us to think outside our proverbial boxes to see how we can become better leaders and members of society at large.

Brad began by stating that “Leadership” in itself is a very broad topic.

We started by learning about the “Past” – the first books written, types of governments that came into play, the impact of war and the beginning of management theories.  We then examined the “Present” and the difference in people and their needs today.  But the real crux of the conversation was when we started to examine the “Future” from a results, people and planet perspective and a summary of some of those thoughts are outlined below:

  • What does the next 30 years look like in your job or position from a people and planet perspective?
  • People and organizations will be different – we have to be so as life on the planet is not indefinite – this requires a very broad view
  • Consider the changing dynamics of the workforce – generations transitioning through, foreign-born, expanded life expectancies, etc.
  • Understanding physchology, helps you to understand how to manage these various aspects
  • What impact will remote work have?  Rural vs Urban?
  • Work hours are declining but productivity is increasing – will there be a move to a 4-day work week possibly?
  • Increase in “knowledge workers” and moving unskilled work to skilled work
  • From a planet perspective by 2050 our population will be at 2 Billion and with a greater wealth comes greater consumption and increased emissions
  • We talked about our impact on the plant and how animal life is dominated by human activity
  • Sustainable Manufacturing and movement to 100% renewable energy could very likely be our future
  • Solar costs have dropped significantly and wind is definitely less expensive then fossil fuels – we are at the beginning of the curve to remove ourselves from the grid
  • The impact and importance of reducing emissions and how can we achieve carbon neutral
  • Water, farmland in the North and global warming – so much to explore and learn from  

Brad highlighted some of his favourite books relating to our discussion today (plus two movies) – and this was shared with all of the Manufacturers joining in on this special Event “Brad’s Top 100 Books”!

He challenged us to open our minds to a variety of media sources and to read different types of materials to build a better and broader overall perspective of a situation.

An extremely interesting presentation that definitely generated a good deal of thought-provoking questions and ideas for future – leaders, management styles, product development and so much more!

Very special thanks to Brad McKay for sharing his experiences and perspectives on “Leadership:  Past, Present and Future” and inspiring us to all consider how we can ensure our roles and actions lead us to better Leaders and Stewards of our people and planet!


Bren de Leeuw

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