Leadership in 2020 – Regroup and Strategize for the next 90 days

May 19, 2020 Sue ElliottNova Scotia 497 Views

Manufacturers gathered last week to take some time to gather their thoughts on what has occurred over the last 60 days and gain understanding of how best to plan for the next 90 days.

Revisiting your purpose as an organization is the first step to ongoing success. No organization will attract and retain a loyal customer base or staff if the motivation is based solely on profit or price. Ask yourselves what is the job of your product or service? What is the impact if your product or service? Do your parts contribute to the safe operation of critical mechanical components? Do they contribute to the safe delivery of our nation’s food supply? Do they contribute to the health and safety of our first responders? When an organization understands the role it plays for its customers, decision making and prioritization of projects becomes much more clear. Every member of your organization now has a unity of purpose to always return to when considering what is the next right decision to make.

With literally the whole world in a constant state of flux and uncertainty, understanding what role your organization plays in the eyes of your customer is key to your ability to succeed going forward. Think “outside in” and put yourselves in your customer’s shoes. Do you know what your customers value? Do you know what they complain about? Do you know what they ask for? What problem can you solve for them? These are all questions you must have solid answers to if you truly understand what your customers value.

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