Leadership 2020 - Managing Remote Teams

May 10, 2020 Sue ElliottNova Scotia 692 Views

excellence in manufacturing, productivity, nova scotiaLast week Jennifer Kikkert of Visualiiz Consulting shared her insights on how to manage remote teams in extraordinary circumstances. This timely event focused on leaderships need for patience, personal vulnerability, team empowerment and accountability structure. Easy right?  Jennifer was able to present to attendees a roadmap to creating the space and promote the behaviors for all of the above.

Those that attended know the empowering questions your team can ask themselves when making decisions on how to proceed with their work. We discussed the importance of clear goals and measures that align with your organizations purpose and how to effectively communicate your performance. We talked about the importance of your calendar of commitments and providing regular opportunities for communication between team members.

Jennifer signed off with a reminder to breathe, communicate with your staff, mitigate their pain points and celebrate their successes and to remember that leadership is a behavior not a title. We all have the ability to lead everyday so take a breath, know you don’t have all the answers as you modify, adapt and overcome.

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