Kicking off 2021

January 5, 2021 Bren de LeeuwFood & Beverage 311 Views

It’s 2021 and our EMC Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag Network is gearing up for an exciting year with quarterly networking events on issues of interest to those in or supplying to the Sector!

Mark your calendars first for February 25 as we kick things off with Maple Lodge Farms of Brampton, Ontario, and learn from their best practices on Food Safety and Food Safety Culture. 

Sustaining a robust food safety culture is an essential business element for all processors today.  The ongoing global pandemic has definitely underscored this necessity.  Staying abreast of changes in legislation, from a food safety and public health perspective, while nurturing a culture that understands, engages, and continually seeks improvement on current practices is all part of the broader picture of continuously improving your food safety programs.

This is a topic that businesses across Canada have expressed ongoing interest in and peer experiences are always welcome!  Please join us as Maple Lodge Farms shares their insight on "Continuously Improving Your Food Safety Culture Through People, Processes and Plant/Program Infrastructures Best Practices”.

With warmer days in mind, our spring networking event, scheduled for June 3, will provide participants with the opportunity to focus on "Change Management - Overcoming Resistance, Building Buy-In and Getting Real Results".  With a year of constant change behind us, this is a topic that remains relevant and ongoing and our ability to manage such can help ensure a more productive path forward.

We are very pleased to welcome Guest Speaker, Laura Lee-Blake, Chief People Officer with Pearle Hospitality Inc. (former Vice President - Human Resources at Campbell Company of Canada), to lead discussion on effective ways HR leaders can successfully partner with their business leaders with a focus to champion change through adversity.

Through our Laura Lee-Blake's experiences, we will examine:

  • Controlling the narrative over change;
  • Learnings from a challenging change journey case study;
  • Creating the case for change and the rally cry for others to fully engage; 
  • And, building resiliency and driving results during times of personal and professional adversity!

An excellent opportunity to learn how to navigate change issues successfully!

We are always very interested in the issues, challenges and opportunities ahead of your business as the year unfolds and if you would like to share your story, experiences or current journey in that regard, please let us know! 

We know that 2020 was a year of many different challenges and also many lessons and we look forward to 2021 with fresh insights, ideas and opportunities to learn!

Please see our events calendar for even more opportunities to network and learn.