In Review: Atlantic Manufacturing Leadership Conference

November 29, 2020 Sue ElliottIndustry News and Events 200 Views

EMC has been listening and we’ve heard what was top of mind for you. With the help of ACOA and the combined horsepower of Deloitte and EMC we brought you our first Atlantic Leadership Conference. We have all had to adapt to our new operating environments, pushing many outside of their comfort zones. Under pre-COVID operating conditions, EMC would have had this type of event in person. Instead, we engaged new technology, forged new partnerships, and delivered value in a new way. I believe this is a universal theme throughout industry today: modify, adapt and overcome.

Nearly 100 manufacturers from across Atlantic Canada joined our conference to hear industry experts share their thoughts on The Workforce of the Future, The Resilient Organization, Cybersecurity, and Impacts of Global Supply Chain Shifts. We ended the event with a Nova Scotia EMC member panel discussion on how shifts in supply chain have impacted their business.

The event’s underlying focus, how to support the adoption of advanced technologies, was highlighted in Deloitte’s recent report, Swim, not just float. The report addresses the value of digital transformation and the ways Industry 4.0 can help make organizations more competitive. Canadian leaders have a real opportunity to create a holistic, transformational approach to leveraging Industry 4.0 capabilities to drive a smarter, more flexible organization.

Despite the opportunities and benefits offered by Industry 4.0 technologies, leaders continue to use these technologies to protect themselves from being disrupted by others, rather than finding new opportunities to disrupt their markets. What’s holding them back? As companies evaluate the transition from protective strategies toward transformational innovation, they are likely to encounter an array of multidimensional challenges, such as:

  • Choice overload
  • Lack of vision and short-term thinking
  • Lack of a strategic plan
  • Lack of the right talent and skills
  • Lack of diverse perspectives

Canadian organizations—especially those in industrial products and construction (IP&C)— need to address these challenges and look forward to where they’ll be in five or six years from now. That long-term vision will be critical to their success.

To learn more, read the full report

The event was a great learning and awareness event for attendees and event organizers. Due to a technology failure I don't have a recording to share with you, but I  do have copies of our speaker’s presentations.

Some highlights from the conference include:

The Workforce of the Future


The Resilient Organization


Impacts of Global Supply Chain Shifts

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