HR & Health & Safety Roundtable – Same Challenges, Diverse Solutions

November 3, 2021 Leah NacuaBrampton, Durham, GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan 205 Views

Over the last few months, members have been asking a lot of questions about vaccination policies:  “How are other manufacturers handling employees who are choosing not to be vaccinated?”, “How are you dealing with those who refuse mandatory COVID-19 testing?”  In light of the labour shortage and “The Great Resignation”, our members have also shown great interest in retention strategies and employee engagement.  Hence, it was very opportune to bring Health & Safety, HR & Management peers together to share their challenges, experiences and best practices.  

As a “warm-up”, we had an anonymous poll at the start of the meeting:  “Have you implemented a COVID-19 vaccine policy at your workplace? (Not necessarily mandating vaccinations)”.  Almost all attendees indicated that they already have a policy in place, or will soon be implementing it.  Those in attendance shared their policies, challenges in implementation, and strategies for improving buy-in.  Incentive programs were in place at a few of the companies. 

We then had a discussion about what organizations are doing in order to attract and retain talent.  Referral programs, safety-incentive programs, team-building activities, and employee gatherings/celebrations with physical distancing in mind were among the topics discussed.  It was clear that, regardless of the size of the organization, attracting and retaining talent continues to be the biggest pain point for the sector; companies are using various strategies (and are open to trying new ones) to help improve talent retention. 

If you have any questions about this event, or would like to suggest topics for a future roundtable discussion, please feel free to contact me.