Feeling the Heat for Summer GA Strategies

July 7, 2019 Scott McNeil-SmithEnergy News 43 Views

As anyone who stepped outside last week knows, the weather was hot - cook an egg on the hood of your car, hot.  Not a surprise for this time of year, but compared to the relatively cool, wet temperatures experienced recently, the heat hit everyone hard – especially industry.

With higher demands on electricity, the importance of knowing the Global Adjustment (GA) rate and aligning your energy strategy with those changes is crucial for savings.

For those new to the conversation, there are two rate classes in Ontario’s market:  Class B consumers (residential and small business) are billed regulated time-of-use (TOU) rates which have GA costs embedded.  Class A consumers (>500 KW peak demand) are assessed GA costs based on the percentage that their coincidental peak demand contributes to the top five Ontario system peaks.

Now in its 12th year, EMC’s energy initiatives, are helping hundreds of manufacturers and processors to mitigate energy price volatility and access savings, resources and best practices.

When weather, economic and other factors affect energy markets and peak usage, one of the key related supports our EMC Energy Team provides a GA Alert Service, which advises (down to the hour) when the peak measurement for Global Adjustment will be and what the best actions might be.  Helping manufacturers with their energy strategies is important, but to know when to curtail energy consumption to maximum effect is key.

Managing the GA has helped our members save millions of dollars. In 2017 the total savings we helped members achieve was just under $10 million.  Did we mention these services are included in Energy Group participation?  Just another example of how EMC is helping manufacturers succeed, grow and become more competitive here in Canada.

By taking advantage of the features and benefits of the EMC Energy program, members have been able to free up time and gain confidence in being “hands free” of their energy costs, while not being entirely autonomous.

“Our goal is not to sell you energy – it’s to provide you with timely information to make an informed decision”

Contact our Energy Team to learn how we are bringing piece of mind to manufacturers across Canada.

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