Fall is Packed with EMC Events for SW Ontario Members

September 16, 2019 Jason BatesLondon, MWO, Oxford 472 Views

Fall is packed with EMC Events for SW Ontario Members

EMC Members in SW Ontario have a full slate of value-added events available to them this fall. Starting in September this packed event schedule will offer many opportunities to learn from other EMC Members and topic experts!

September 18th, 8am to 10am – Skilled Trades discussion in London. Manufacturers are facing an acute shortage of skilled trades workers. This session, in conjunction with Elgin, Oxford. Middlesex Employment Board will allow for discussion on what tools can be developed to improve the talent pool.

September 25th, 9am to 11am – Member Best Practice Sharing in Windsor at Laval Tool. Laval will be showing off some new equipment and sharing some best practices around work cells. This session will include a Plant Tour and Group CI Exercise. Also, the Ontario Centre of Excellence has some cool new programs round 5G and cloud-based options for manufacturers to consider. LAVAL's 45,000 square foot facility produces medium to large size tooling with up to 80-ton capacity.  They have successfully manufactured some of the largest tooling that exists today.  Laval just added their newest machine, which is the Tarus DHDM Series Deep Hole Drilling machine. It is a 7-axis machine, boring mill and gun drill all in one. Their 2D operations are expected to perform 5-6 times faster with this machine.

They have also started creating Work Cells around the plant to get a more functionable layout of the plant. They have completed their first cell which is a WATER cell, and they are on track to finish two assembly cells within the next few months. Laval will share how forming these work cells will and has increased productivity and saved time and money.

October 3rd, 730am to 1230pm – Manufacturing Matters Event, London. This annual event celebrates Manufacturing in SW Ontario, with over 600 local Manufacturing Professional attending. This event is put on in conjunction with EMC, the London Economic Dev Corp and the London Region Manufacturing Council. It is at the London Convention Centre, featuring this year’s keynote from Maple Leaf Foods, who will open the largest food protein facility in Canada in London over the next few years. This event also features 8 breakout session on topics relevant to manufacturers today. The breakout’s cover things such as; legal due diligence for Manufacturers, Ministry of Labour Updates, Women in Manufacturing Panel, Industry 4.0, etc…This event is FREE for Manufacturers and includes a full hot breakfast.

October 8th - 10th - Advantage through Excellence Conference in Vaughan, ON.
The preeminent Canadian manufacturing conference of the year. An excellent opportunity to gain the advantage of networking with like-minded manufacturers from across Canada. Need to fine tune lean skills? Explore sustainable changes through growth? Expand your depth in operational excellence? Assess the constraints of traditional manufacturing? Or just curious about the factory of the future? The Advantage through Excellence conference is your best opportunity to explore solutions to the real challenges faced today by Canadian Manufacturers.   Register today at

October 15th, 9am to 11am – Disaster Planning and Business Continuity in Chatham – Kent. At this session Manufacturers will learn from topic experts on what they should consider with planning for a possible disaster and what happens after.

October 30th, 8am to 10am – EMC Senior Managers Session in London at Attica Manufacturing. This session is an open forum to local Manufacturing Sr Managers to discuss topics that are affecting them today. To explore ways to work together to help foster growth and prosperity in the local SW Ontario Manufacturing Sector.

November 5th, 8am to 11am – Industry/Manufacturing 4.0 Session at Nation Research Council in London. This discussion will be led by Fanshawe College and Festo Canada on what to consider when considering Industry/Manufacturing 4.0 Tools for a Manufacturing Facility.

November 13th, 8am to 10am – Hudson Boat Works in London. At this session Hudson Boats works will share they best practices around how they made there whole manufacturing process paperless. Plant Tour included.

November 20th, 9am to 11am – Succession Planning, What Manufacturers Need to Consider, in Chatham-Kent. This session will be led but topics experts around Succession Planning and cover what you need to know as a Manufacturer.

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